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04 May 2019

AccuRC update released
2.0.8 arrives to all AccuRC users

AccuRC has announced and released the new version of the professional RC simulator few hours earlier on Saturday. The new version has got some amazing features and it's available to all AccuRC users.

AccuRC update released

As AccuRC announced on the Facebook, the new version contains new airfield, many new models, few tweaks in the code, improved visual transmitter and a series of Egodrift Tengu motors now. And indeed the workbench is full of Egodrift Tengu motors. 

The new models

  • Goblin Kraken
  • LOGO 800
  • Goblin Black Nitro Sport
  • Minicopter Diabolo
  • Goblin Black Thunder Sport Drake Edition
First time ever: SAB Goblin Kraken in AccuRC

Other new features

MF Mausdorf airfield is now also included. And the loading screens have changed as well. We will go through these changes in the next few days, and we will publish a more detailed review.

How to update

If the automatic update is switch on at AccuRC in Steam, you don't have to do anything, the update is scheduled and you will get it today, tomorrow. But if you switched the automatic update off, just download the new version in steam. The install process is entirely quiet, you don't have to do anything.

Kraken has arrived

Yes, but as we reported earlier, SAB postponed the final release date to 9th of May. However you can fly Kraken in AccuRC NOW! So Kraken has arrived in AccuRC. Do you want to practice before real life? Get AccuRC at accurc.com, or with us.


AccuRC update released