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19 April 2019

XLPower Protos 380 soon
Announced by MSHeli

As we reported before the MSH is now XLPower, and the first Protos of XLPower is coming in 380 size. This helicopter is a redesigned version of the previous MSH Protos 380 with some major changes.

XLPower Protos 380 soon
XLPower Protos 380

XLPower promises lighter model with lower prices - which also includes spare parts. Few important major changes also promised. For example tail boom will be weaker to protect the mainframe during the crash.

And yes, this is going to be a real beginner helicopter as this size is the ideal beginner size. Just to clarify, it is about the same size as the well known T-Rex 450 (a little bit bigger). If you are confused by these numbers, read this article.