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19 April 2019

Oxy 5 preorder open
First kits arrive in May

Oxy 5 is now available in preorder. First delivery is promised in middle of May. The canopy design is still not available, as it's being designed now, as we are informed,

Oxy 5 preorder open
Oxy 5 / Source: Only Fine Helis

The Oxy 5 is a middle size helicopter in the 550 class. The kit comes with no blades by default, so you can choose your desired ones around 550mm. This model was seen at Rotor Live 2019 first time, and now it is public and available.

The helicopter is a lightweight and durable model, specialised to high performance and high crash resistance as well. The main frame is a two section frame providing extra rigidness at the top and enough room for the batteries at the bottom. The tail is belt driven, with direct tail drive pulley.

The swashplate is a 120° CCPM with symmetrical servo mounts. Carbon fiber dominates everywhere, this is why the helicopter is really light and strong at the same time. Not too typical in this size, the batteries are hooked up on the mainframe from the bottom, therefore there's no bottom plate.

And the price is 555 dollars and available at the Only Fine Helis, European price is not known yet.

Oxy 5 preorder open