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18 April 2019

Futaba 32MZ coming soon
Arrives in 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year

Futaba just announced the new T32MZ FASSTest transmitter, which is going to be presented at China Beijing International Model Expo tomorrow. Not that much known so far, but the transmitter itself is an interesting concept.

Futaba 32MZ coming soon

The 18 channel transmitter has got two displays, one for the most important telemetry data, and the other one is for the general display for the usual info. The transmitter design follows the traditional Futaba shape, and supports FASSTest communication on 2.4GHz. The sticks use contactless potentiometers providing long life reliability, and high-end accuracy.

The transmitter will be presented Shizuoka Hobby Show after Beijing in May. The future price is not cheap, the Futaba's high-end transmitter will cost 295 000 yen, which is about 2000 pounds.

We have asked Futaba for more information, the haven't replied yet. 

Futaba 32MZ coming soon