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01 April 2019

Soxos Strike 7 promotion finished
All promotional kits gone in 3 days

Heli-Professional just announced, no more promotional soXos Strike 7 left. Kits are available in ordinary sale from now. The promotion period was supposed to run longer, but all 70 kits are gone in three days.

Soxos Strike 7 promotion finished

Swiss Heli-Professional just announced that the promotional sale of brand new soXos Strike 7 is now finished, because all 70 promotional kits are sold. Delivery starts in May, when the new owners will receive their kits. The helicopter is available, but now kits are being with ordinary conditions. 

We at the rchelicopter.hu are also surprised, because we also expected that the promotion will run for 1-2 weeks, especially next to other really awaited models. Althought it is known, the Swiss soXos brand is getting more popular due to the quality and solutions provided with these helicopters, and efforts of Team pilots taken in the marketing are also not negligible. It is proven now, this helicopter is a great success for Heli-professional, and no doubt, it will be a good decision for future owners as well.

We have been promised to receive a detailed review about the model, which will be published on our websites soon.