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31 March 2019

Hurry up, only 10 Soxos Strike 7 left
Promotional stock almost gone in 2 days

Heli-Professional just reported that only 10 Soxos Strike 7 left for the promotional price. When this stock is gone, the kit price is going up to normal.

Hurry up, only 10 Soxos Strike 7 left

The promotion has started on Friday with 70 brand new Soxos Strike 7 helicopters on a really good, promotional price. 60 helicopters have found their future owners in two days. This kit is still available for 15% less, but it seems, this doesn't last long.

In addition, the promotional helicopters will be dispatched in middle of May, then further future owners have to wait a little bit. 

Hurry up, whilst stock lasts, get your one at Heli-Professional.