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24 March 2019

What if? XLPower 550 with 12 cells
Custom XLPower 550 kit from Italy

Italian distributor, XLPower Helicopter Italy offers a custom configuration of 550 with 12 cell battery configuration. Yes, instead of 6 cells, this helicopter is possible with 12 cells.

What if? XLPower 550 with 12 cells
This picture is NOT the offered 12 cell configuration

The original XLPower 550 comes in 6 cell configuration as (almost) all helicopters in this class. So why is it good to go up to 12 cells?

Benefits of 12 cells

It is known: electric power is the product of voltage multiplied by current. When higher voltage is used, lower current is enough for the same output power. That's why the load on the ESC can be lower in the same manoeuvres, or stronger manoeuvres can happen at the same load. Basically more cells are better than less. But this is not that simple, so let's move on, there are many other benefits of having 12 cells, but it is also more complicated.


Technically possible, there are components available for this configuration, BECs and ESCs support with 6-12 cells in this size usually, motor is a little bit more problematic, but the biggest problem is how the batteries can fit in? Fortunately 550 has got enough room in its frame even for 12 cells. We tested quickly, and two bigger size 6 cell batteries got in. There is an extra problem in our test machine: the Futaba receiver at the end of the frame, but batteries can still fit in even so, although the CG moved towards the nose a lot, so this would not an ideal place for a Futaba receiver anymore with 12 cells.

However if the receiver wasn't there, the second battery would go under the mainshaft right in the middle exactly, so CG wouldn't be affected. So that's why two short format 6 cell packs got in and voilá: CG wasn't affected at all

Weight differences

Two packs are heavier than one, however smaller capaity is enough with 12 cells, so the weight is not bouble, the helicopter is about 150-250 gramms heavier depending on the battery type. Not that much in this class. Especially because the configuration offered by XLPower Helicopter Italy has got an extra powerful 4kW(!) Egodrift motor

The configuration offered by XLPower Helicopter Italy

This XLPower 550 is offered for extra powerful and hard 3D flying, when the power is absolutely necessary.

The configuration contains:

  • XLPower 550 kit with RotorTech 560mm blades
  • EGODRIFT Tengu 4025HS 550KV 4000W (continous) - 5000W (peak) 
  • Hobbywing 130A HV Platinum V4 with integrated BEC
  • 3 × KST MS589HV magnetic sensor, mini size servos to the cyclic control
  • KST MS805HV 760NS magnetic sensor tail servo
  • MSH Brain 2 FBL unit

All you need to complete this config (apart from the know-how, tools and usual stuff)

  • A transmitter-receiver combo of course
  • 2 × 6S1P 2600-2800mAh (30-40C minimum) batteries 

And the price is €1199 + postage to all customers in Europe.

So, if you are interested, contact XLPower Helicopter Italy

What if? XLPower 550 with 12 cells