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22 March 2019

Kraken: preorder open to everyone
SAB modifies the marketing

SAB has launched the preorder process this morning. This is a big step forward, according to that the preorder period was supposed to start on 22nd April, so one month later. Most of the shops have enlisted the new SAB Kraken until this evening, and preorder is available everywhere now.

Kraken: preorder open to everyone

As we reported earlier - and complained about it on our Facebook page - few of the shops didn't follow SAB timeline, and preorder got available causing severe competitive disadvantage to all other modelshops. Perhaps, this was the hardest time at SAB, but they made a wise decision finally, and the company allowed all retailers to open the process. Hopefully this is not will cause any supply problems later on, when the helicopers are planned to be dispatched to new owners. As far as we know, the main reason of the late preorder period was to prevent supply issues.

But it has to be stated: overall preparation process went well, and SAB could manage everything - there were minor glitches only. Even more, SAB wins the title of

the best campaign of a new RC helicopter ever

All other brands coming up with new products could not get any serious attention, because SAB with Kraken dominated the market in the last three months (and before). This campaign was well planned, and successful: everybody is still talking about the new helicopter, whilst many other new models got also introduced recently.

What happened so far?

26 May 2018

SAB announces the new helicopter as prototype: SAB Goblin Kraken. No data, no details just a blurry info about something radically new.

7 June 2018

Tareq Alsaadi publishes the first video about the prototype testing

11 June 2018

Next video about Kraken gets published

15 January 2019

SAB pilots speak out: Kraken in March

19 January 2019

SAB publishes a mysterious video about Kraken

22 January 2019

We report about Kraken: Kraken is presented at Rotor Live in March. SAB informs us, the helicopter is set to release by end of March.

7 March 2019

The first video gets published about the final Kraken

8 March 2019

Tareq Alsaadi publishes his flight with the helicopter. Few lucky people can see the helicopter first time in Iffezheim, photos get uploaded.

9-10 March 2019

Greatest premier of an RC helicopter at Rotor Live. Interest is very high.

15 March 2019

First glitch: due to the really high demand SAB has to postpone the release date and sets really strict preorder phase. Preorder starts on 22nd April, Release on  2nd May

20 March 2019

All stores get all information for selling, including SKU and final price. None of them allowed to list and receive any preorder until 22nd April. Few traders (including a distributor) ignore the timeline and begin selling the kit in preorder. Second glitch caused by shops.

21 March 2019

Next morning we report about this problem and our concerns about all other retailers. 

22 March 2019

SAB makes a decision to prevent further problems and opens the preordering 

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