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21 March 2019

UPDATED: Problems with Goblin Kraken marketing
Preorder is open. Not everything went well

UPDATE: Preorder is now open officially! Don't worry, no problems with Kraken helicopters, but some problems occured around its marketing. This doesn't affect the delayed reselase date which is 2nd of May, but it seems revealing exact retail price was a mistake of SAB.

UPDATED: Problems with Goblin Kraken marketing


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Considered to the situation - caused by retailers not following SAB processes - SAB has opened the official pre-order phase just now.

Customers in the UK asked to pay £300 now, the remaining part of £950-980 (depending on exchange rate of pound) has to be paid before delivery. Delivery starts on 2nd of May. Hurry up, now you can order!

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As we are confirmed by SAB Heli Division just this morning, all dates and the official price is now fixed. The helicopter will be released and the first helis will be on their way on 2nd of May. European price is €1069, and the US price is $1069. Official pre-order starts on 22nd April. No discount allowed to retailers due to the high demand. As we reported earlier, there is a delay compared to the ordiginal plan, and SAB had to postpone the release date to May because of that high demand.

Some of the dealers and retailers don't follow SAB contracted rules as they are not allowed to list Kraken in webshops, receive preorders online until the official pre-order date. This could happen because price, item number are known, the product can be listed technically. All webshops listing the product and receiving online pre-orders now are breaking these strict conditions, and the shops following SAB directions will be at a severe competitive disadvantage. In addition: customers ordering now are not guaranteed to receive their Krakens earlier than customers of fair retailers.

As Bert Kammerer tells in the BKPodcast #35: a retailer can register customer demands on any conventional way (e-mail, phone, etc...) but official pre-sale cannot happen before this date.

And this is a serious problem especially in the European Union. Retailers in countries not being member of Eurozone don't know and cannot advertise their future prices, therefore UK customers can order their Kraken helicopers from other European dealers, which didn't follow SAB requirements. It doesn't mean they will receive the helicopter earlier, but it means UK retailers are suffering a serious damage. This is true for Midland Helicopters, Align T-Rex Models and Hely-shop.co.uk as well, as all of them followed SAB contracted rules and neither of them has published the UK retail price yet.

Please, if you want to order your one - as Bert Kammerer asks everyone:

contact to your preferred shop, tell them, you want to have one, but do not pay or order until 22nd April!

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