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21 March 2019

BKPODCAST #35: Rotor Live and Goblin Kraken
Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy speak about them

Episode 35 of BKPodcast is now available. Bert and Kyle were speaking about Rotor Live feedbacks, new products and of course the SAB Goblin Kraken. Many useful unformation especially in the second half. But it worth to listen all. Why? Read it below....

BKPODCAST #35: Rotor Live and Goblin Kraken

Why we like them? Because they are really honest. As always, they are walking on the ground and they see the reality from average people's point of view. And money counts, even for them. As you are listening them, you realise, they are two of us - the average people. And this is how they create their podcasts. As you are listening them, they don't make a show - okay, they do, because it's useful and funny - they talk to you, it feels you are sitting at the same table.

The podcast is on the official website, here.

It's also available on the bottom of that page as MP3 format, if you want to listen it offline. But please, use the internal player rather than our MP3 version. This can help them to measure their popularity.


Talking about the most recent Rotor Live, in Germany

  • Bert and Kyle discussed, how the weather was terribly wrong, and even the competition has been finished premaurely. They explained pretty well how the venue looks, and to be honest, they are a little bit of jealous of us in Europe.
  • New products, Like Mikado Logo 800 Plastic, Xnovamotors, Soxos Strike 7 (they don't know too much about Soxos), new Diabolo nitro, and so on. 

SAB Goblin Kraken

This word is in the podcast at 29:10 (as a joke). If you are not interested in Rotor Live, just go forward.

  • A really good walkthrough on all parts and we get many usefull infos. Then they compare the new Kraken to other SAB helis.

What will happen in the next two weeks to them

  • Where you can meet Kyle around the world.

Somewhere in the podcast they tell discount codes, which can give you 20% off on any SAB parts if you order for $100 or more. Where? it wouldn't be fair to tell, listen the whole podcast.

All news about Kraken