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18 February 2019

Rotor Live 3D Contest pilots list published
First round plan just announced

Rotor Live published the list of the pilots attending at the venue as competitors later in March. And the list seems quite interesting according to the names and the brands as well.

Rotor Live 3D Contest pilots list published

According to the list the first round will be:

  • Nick Maxwell - Henrick Claussen
  • Mirko Cesena - Robin Lipke
  • Dunkan Boisson - Yan Müller
  • Eric Weber - Kan Poonnoi
  • Marius Gehle - Fabian Kloss
  • Tim Vöge - Sakkarin Konghton
  • Rasmus Jakobson - Lukas Bißlich
  • Marki Wiehenstroch - Kevin Liskam

The better one gets in the Round 2 from each pair and so on until the final. Lukas Dinger and Antonio Gomez Rosado will be the substitute pilots. It may be declared, this is not a contest between pilots, this is a contest among big brands as well. And not just helicopter manufactures but all transmitters and other component providers are represented by these pilots.

What's the paperform

There's no paperform. There are many names on this list to pick up as potential winner. Just to remind, Robin Lipke won the Global 3D last year in Expert class and Fabian Kloss has finished this class at the 4th place, whilst Sakkarin Konghton has arrived to 2nd, Mirko Cesena has finished at 3rd and Kan Poonnoi at the 4th places in Masters class, so the team is made up of very strong pilots.