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15 February 2019

Collective Pitch Magazine
Websites seems no longer available

Collective Pitch Magazine is not available currently, and this is the situation for a while now. A simple message appears on the website, which reads that the website is being changed, but will return soon. But the soon is too long now.

Collective Pitch Magazine
Website currently

What more, their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since last summer, which indicates that the website is now stopped. We have tried to reach them, but we haven’t received any feedback so far.

Collective Pitch Magazine was running in the United States, it hasn’t been launched a too long time ago, it started in October 2017, but quite interesting contents were provided from interests of Bert Kammerer businesses mainly. We don’t know how the business model was, but it is obvious they couldn’t make it work. The website itself wasn’t the best quality in terms of the applied technologies, but there’s no time and chance neither to develop it up to the big ones’ level in this area. Most recently they tried to introduce a subscription based model, then this process got stuck.

To be noticed quietly, the subscription model is just not working in this hobby – as we think. There are not enough readers, this community is too small. Only the enthusiasm pushes our websites forward even at us, because quite sure, “profit” is not motivating.

Sad, that great initiative has so quickly crashed, but we can understand, if they have experienced too late, how big work is to manage such a website efficiently. This is a big task on daily basis even, there’s no new content every day. And if anybody thinks so, it is possible to live well on this way, we have to ruin his dream – we do it for nearly ten years.