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14 February 2019

Rchelicopter.hu at Rotor Live 2019
Live reports from the venue

We look forward the weekend of 9-10 March now, because we will attend at Rotor Live and report from the venue in live. All preparations done now.

Rchelicopter.hu at Rotor Live 2019
Rotor Live

Accommodation reserved, Eurotunnel booked, all preparations finished. And we have got the confirmation of our registration from Rotor Live today, therefore we will report from Rotor Live 2019 officially.

What to expect

Obviously a great weekend with many spectacular programmes. But above all the reveal of SAB Goblin Kraken which will be preseneted by Tareq Alsaadi - if we are right. All together we expect great programs - because this is the th Rotor Live.

Follow us to get informed about all important news in advance. But if you plan to visit the venue, keep in mind that almost all hotels are fully booked already, it is really difficult to find a free room, and these rooms are eye-watering expensive. It will be a miracle soon to find a single room below 130-150 euros for a night in 20 miles. So hurry up.