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23 January 2019

Mikado Glogo on its way
indeed - reported by Kyle Dahl

Kyle Dahl takes it serious, and he rescheduled his flight back to the United States just to make sure, everything is done before he returns to home. Minor problems occured during the last steps, but now everything is all right.

Mikado Glogo on its way
Mikado Glogo 690 #1 - Source: Kyle Dahl

As we reported last week - thanks to Kyle - the Glogo packaging was about to finish, but they found some issues in the manual which had to be corrected. As he posted on Facebook just now:

Today was an exciting day cause we had the actual #1 kit boxed up and ready! We then built the kit to ensure all the screws and instruction manual is correct!

So future owners, brace yourselves, kits are coming.