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22 January 2019

Reveal of SAB Goblin Kraken
UPDATED - Premier at Rotor Live on 9-10 March

We asked more details about Kraken at SAB Heli Division. They were really kind and replied us, however no more details were given us. As we have got informed even SAB dealers don't know more than us. But...

Reveal of SAB Goblin Kraken

As SAB Heli Division told us, the helicopter will be widely presented first at Rotor Live in Germany on 9th of March. As we guess, this is going to be the official release date as well. 

If you want to see the helicopter at the first place, book your tickets now to Rotor Live in Iffezheim (Baden-Baden).

All news about Kraken


SAB Heli Division just informed us about the release date. They can't confirm the official release date, because they haven't decided yet, but it's certain the helicopter will be available by end of March. However the presentation date hasn't changed, so the Kraken will be seen at Rotor Live.