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18 January 2019

Canada to introduce new UAV regulations
Strict rules by this summer

Canada introduce new UAV regulations by 1st of June, this year. Not surprisingly they follow the similar patterns as being implemented everywhere across the world. With simple words: same as everywhere.

Canada to introduce new UAV regulations

As uavcoach.com reported, Canada will introduce new drone regulations by this summer applying on both recreational and commerical activities. Commercial activities are quite strict, but let pilots to do some unusual operations, like flying over crowds, which is legal nowhere in Europe at all. But we are more interested in recreational flying, so how these rules will change affecting all rc helicopter pilots?

All UAVs between 250g and 25kg count recreational as long as the activity matches all points here:

  • Happening in uncontolled airspace
  • No flying in 30 meters by any bystander
  • No flying over bystanders

All UAVs have to be registered above 250g and registration number has to be displayed on it. Pilots (even hobbists) must pass their online exam in BASIC category. This exam takes 90 minutes and costs 10 dollars. If the pilot fails each further attempt costs the same 10 dollars. 65% or higher result considered as passed in BASIC and 80% in ADVANCED exams. The license gained by successful exam has to be kept with the pilot all times to show the eligibility of flying.

Recreational flying is legal up to 400 feet (AGL) and 3 nautical miles (3.4 miles or 5.5 kilometres) away from any aerodrome or airport and 1 nautical mile (1.2m or 1.9km) away from any heliports. No exemptions apply so far.

These rules are not so far from their European and British implementations, but we still think so, the future implementation in the United Kingdom will be better for the hobby, than these new rules. We have to say, the fee to be paid and no exemptions of these rules don't help the legal conventional model flying.