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15 January 2019

SAB Goblin Kraken to be expected soon
The beast arrives in months

This helicopter was the subject of one of the loudest announcements last year, then it turned into silence. No, the project is not halted, just as Tareq Alsaadi promised the community before, SAB wanted to make sure, everything is perfect, so they didn't rush the release.

SAB Goblin Kraken to be expected soon
Source: Simone Zunterer

Now as it's heard and confirmed by more or less authentic sources the SAB is set to release this exciting helicopter in March. Among others, Frédérique Caron, the pilot of SAB from Canada has also reported recently about this on her Facebook page. We ask SAB about more details and as soon as we get informed we will let you know guys more details.

Stay tuned.

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Update at 12/03/2019:

The helicopter has arrived. Learn more about SAB Goblin Kraken here