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14 January 2019

Stolen Henseleit TDS Kits
Two new kits gone missing

It's been reported yesterday, two Henseleit TDS limited edition kits are gone missing whilst they were under delivery to their legal owners by DHL. This unfortunate event happened at German carrier company.

Stolen Henseleit TDS Kits

It wasn't the best idea to take them illegally, because these kits are so rare, they can't appear anywhere in the future without recognition. The serial number 005 and 007 kits disappeared, and these kits cannot show without serial number either, it's impossible to use them.

if you know anything about these missing kits, please contact the legal owner, Jan Henseleit at https://www.rc-heli.de/board/showthread.php?t=265407&page=6

Also please aware of that these kits are stolen, if you are offered to purchase them.