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08 January 2019

MSH continues as XLPower
Just in: XLPower MSH acquisition

As it's announced on Facebook by both companies, MSH will be XLPower in the future. But what's behind it? What happened to MSH?

MSH continues as XLPower

An interesting announcement popped up minutes ago on Facebook on both companies' pages:

A special opportunity approached us here at XLPower, it was actually one of a kind.
A reaction that didn't need pondering, it didn't need analysing, yea we discussed it here with the team and the descion we come up with was nothing other than "WE MUST KEEP RC HELIS ALIVE!
At xlpower we are not only here to provide the pilot's performance, reliability and value in helis. To keep the rc heart beating we are supporting many global events and pilots, we don't travel one we travel as many.
With that the msh legacy will continue!
We at xlpower hope this message excites you as it does us. Parts supply will come first then kits, certainly for the pilots and MSHeli Srl let the good time roll!
Stay tuned...

What's happening there?

XLPower is the new owner of MSHeli Srl, so the MSH continues as part of XLPower by now. So deep breath, the MSH will not disappear, just continues under the XLPower brand. All spare parts and kits continue and will available in the future and perhaps the MSH will be more successful under the new leadership.

More details coming soon.