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05 December 2018

Align Demeter G1 engine version to release
Announced by Align this morning

Align announced the brand new Demeter agricultural helicopter will get a petrol engine version as well soon. Therefore spraying can be even cheaper than traditional helicopter spraying.

Align Demeter G1 engine version to release
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Az we reported earlier, Align has released the agricultural Align helicopter the Demeter E1, which is an electric high load spraying model. Now this heli is followed by its petrol engine version, the Align Demeter G1.

This helicopter is quite similar to its electric sibling, however it has got a 60cm3 petrol engine, in theory this helicopter can fly even cheaper than the electric version. Even more - but this is less important for this purpose - the petrol engine provides the same power during the flight unlike the elctric, which is weaker at the end than at the beginning.

Align Demeter agricultural helicopter

In addition no starter is needed, the helicopter has got the 650MX Dominator motor as starter. Absolute comfort in any circumstances. More follows later.

Align Demeter G1 engine version to release