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03 December 2018

There is no Align T-Rex 250 anymore
Align confirms us

Align has confirmed us this morning, they are about finishing to produce T-Rex 250 line. The last model is quite outdated and the hope of a newer version is now gone.

There is no Align T-Rex 250 anymore

The iconic 250 is going to be discontinued after about a decade. This was a bit expected regarding to the availablity of spare parts, so if you are still having one, it's time to stock up because not just the model, the spare parts will disappear soon.

No doubt the size was a bit less popular than its bigger sibling, the 450, because it was quite sensitive to all maintenance and set-up issues. The 250 has been released in 2008. It wasn't the first in this class, however this was the most successful and reliable among the small models. Its Second Edition (SE) version has been released in a year based on experiences and feedbacks, but the first two editions were really similar and compatible fully with each other. There are still many parts which haven't changed since the first version.

However it has many benefits comparing to bigger models: cheap spare parts, harder to crash badly, and small area is enough to fly. One of the best models for orientational trainings and for not absolutely beginner pilots terrified by bigger models.

However the factory in Taiwan is planning and developing a similar size model, but it's too early to know anything about this new product or these new products - even for them.