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21 November 2018

Phoenix RC
It is over

This is the news on the phoenix-sim.com for a while now: A simple message about the end of the development. There's no doubt, it was known, because the silence around the company could mean two outcomes: they are preparing something great or they let it pass away quietly.

Phoenix RC

Sadly the second one turned into reality. The famous simulator passed away in the form of a quiet message. This was THE simulator for many of us, this was the tool to learn, to practice new manoeuvres.

The software itself got popular with its 2.0 or rather 2.5 versions, which have been released about in 2009. Then it has got many new features in version 3, and the newer and newer releases arrived after each other with new models, even newer scenes. Many of user developed stuff got available. Uncounted airfields, more models were accessible by the time.

The fall began around 2015 when the patches arrived less and less often, then new models weren't released anymore. What was the reason of its end? Perhaps the company knows it exactly or they don't know either, but it is certain, two new concurrent products and the crisis of this industry didn't help them. They ended up at the point where they decided to finish.

And we are really sorry - but thank you Phoenix RC.

(Will it be a real phoenix anytime soon?)