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16 October 2018

SAB Goblin Fireball Havok available from now
Newest member of Goblin Fireball family goes to the market today

The helicopter is the newest edition of 280 series. There's not too many change comparing to other models, its look makes it special.

SAB Goblin Fireball Havok available from now

It is a quite nice little brother along with 700 Havok Sport for those who pay 489 dollars in U.S. or 479 euros in Europe. It is true indeed, the 60 amps SAB ESC, the motor and the four SAB servos come with the kit for this price, so an FBL unit and a receiver to be provided to complete the helicopter.

As far as modification go, the heli has got metal servo supports, modified tail pitch control and aluminium rotor grip arms. Its dimensions haven't changed, the Havok Fireball is still 580 mm long with 626 mm rotor diameter.

There is no video available with this helicopter so far, therefore we can show the flying capabilities of Fireball in general: