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26 September 2018

SAB Goblin Sport 700 Havok
3 blade helicopter is coming soon

It was known for a while now, the 25th SAB kit is going to be released soon. This is the Havok Sport Edition of the 700 helicopter, with the similar colours as the M169 Havok SAB airplane. Kyle Stacy has got his own recently and he just published these pictures on his official Facebook page.

SAB Goblin Sport 700 Havok
SAB Goblin Sport 700 Havok edition / Source: Kyle Stacy - Facebook

The heli is the 3 blade 700 Sport edition, and in addition it has got a well visible fuselage. Its colours are coming from the SAB M169 Havok jet airplane which is also in prototype phase.

The kit will be €873 in Europe, the British price is not known yet. Three SAB blades and three tail blades are included, but no electronics are included. Our expectation in terms of behaviour is a similar heli as the Goblin 700 Kyle Stacy edition just as a bit cheaper and improved format.