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21 September 2018

BKServo Kyle Stacy edition about to release
This new servo arrives soon

BKServo has published the final specification of the new 7003HV Kyle Stacy edition cyclic servo this afternoon. The standard size servo has many improvements, but most important is the thermal absorbtion promising longer life time.

BKServo Kyle Stacy edition about to release
BKServo 7003HV

The servo is designed to high voltage, it supports 8.4V, and it's the most efficient at this voltage. Turns 60° in 0.065 sec, whilst the torque is 26.8 kg/cm2. As Bert Kammerer promises, due to its metal case design the thermal efficiency is even better, which makes the servo working smoother, lasting longer. It's designed for helicopter as cyclic servo.

It has no known price yet. However its tail servo version is coming soon as well.