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20 September 2018

New servos from Spektrum
High voltage high speed standard size servos announced

New Spektrum servos arrived to the market for 500-700 size helicopters as they are standard size servos. These servos have got high quality and really promising specifications. H6350 as cyclic and H6360 as tail servo are available in U.S. now.

New servos from Spektrum

Along the new H6350 cyclic servo and H6360 tail servo Spektrum has released two others as well but for other use than RC helicopters. One is supposed to use in 1/10 RC cars and the other one is offered to RC airplanes.

The new H6350 cyclic servo turns 60° in 0.062 sec at 8.4V and it has got metal housing. There are two metal and two plastic gears inside powered by a brushless motor. The torque is 30 kg/cm2, so it's quite strong. The weight is 72 grams. Of course it's fully digital.

The new H6360 tail servo is a bit different to the previous one. It has got four metal gears, which are turning the servo horn with 60° in 0.04 sec at 8.4V. However the torque is 7.58 kg/cm2.

The servos are availaible at Horizon Hobby only at the moment. The price is 125 USD.