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07 August 2018

Antonio Gomez Rosado presents XLPower Specter at Heliwood
Italian pilot joins to the event by XLPower

Last moment announcement, but Antonio Gomez Rosado from Genova will travel to Hungary and he will represent XLPower at the event. By this announcement XLPower will be the only factory represented at Heliwood officially.

Antonio Gomez Rosado presents XLPower Specter at Heliwood

Due to the Align-TRex Models and XLPower cooperation, XLPower itself presents these lovely Specter helicopters finally, which are available at Align-TRex Models and the contracted retailers with the distributor in Europe. Thanks to the Chinese company, Antonio will be flying at Heliwood in Alsónémedi on Saturday. The agreement has made yesterday night among all participants involving Align-TRex Models, XLPower, Antonio and the organisers of Heliwood. And XLPower became sponsor of Heliwood as well. Antonio and XLPower welcome to Heliwood!