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03 August 2018

What's on the weekend
Events around the world

This week including the weekend is really busy in terms of events. The most important is the IRCHA Jamboree in the United States not too far from Indianapolis in Indiana. Then there is the F3C Euro Heli Series Denmark round in Aabenraa which follows the UK round finished prematurely last weekend. And if this is still not enough, there is the Helidays Battice in Herve, Belgium.

What's on the weekend

IRCHA Jamboree

This is one of the biggest RC helicopter events of the world certainly. There are many companies, including factories, retailers and many-many pilots including famous ones. What we know so far, BK is there, Horizon Hobby is also there. Align, Blade RC, XLPower, Mikado and so on. Many programs, hundreds of helicopters and good weather so far. If you are there, do not miss it. Many-many known pilots, like Marius Gehle, Bert Kammerer, Kyle Stacy, Kyle Dahl, Kan Poonnoi, Kevin St-Cyr, Ra Kabun, Ben Storick and many other pilots are already flying there.

F3C Euro RC Helicopter Series Denmark

This is the following round of F3C Euro Series after the UK round. It seems the weather is much better there then it was a week ago in Buckminster. Roger Mayo, Ian Emery and Steve Roberts will compete there from United Kingdom.

Helidays Battice 2018 Belgium

The third event of the weekend is in Herve, really close to Aachen. Dave Dijkmans and Carlos Rossi Valles will fly there representing Area51-RC and Team SAB Goblin. We expect a really nice summary video from there in AREA51-RC style.

What's on the weekend

  • Align
  • Depo area
  • Flags and depo area
  • IRCHA Jamboree 2018
  • Kevin St-Cyr
  • Mikado tent
  • XLPower Team
  • XLPower Tent
  • F3C EHS - Denmark
  • F3C EHS - Denmark
  • F3C EHS - Denmark
  • Carlos Rossi Valles and Dave Dijkman