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28 July 2018

F3N World Cup Event, Buckminster
Preliminary results of day 1

The F3N World Cup UK is happening in Buckminster, at the BMFA National Centre this weekend. First day is over, preliminary results just arrived.

F3N World Cup Event, Buckminster
Photo: Ryan Henson

After about 7 weeks heatwave and real summer, the weather decided to change a lot. This change didn't help the pilots too much, Saturday was gusty, more or less cloudy - as almost everywhere in the country, mixed with few showers at some places again. We just ask, if it was like that so far, why it couldn't remain the same for three more days? But the pilots accepted this challenge, and they've done everything achieving nice results.

After two set manoevres, a freestyle and a fly-to-music round, Eric Weber from Germany is at the 1st place, Luca Pescante, the Italians' master won the 2nd whilst our Duncan Osbourn stands at the 3rd place. The followers: Aaron Cole, Richard Van Aken, Callum Henson from United Kingdom, Davide Cuccato from Italy, George Isaacs, Andrzej Zolty, Rachel Plant from United Kingdom They will be continuing tomorrow, whilst the German Uwe Naujoks has finished this competition at the 11th place.

Final rounds and results will be coming tomorrow.