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20 July 2018

Message of SAB Heli Division

Same story again and again. There is an innovative company investing thousands and millions on engineering, researching, then creating an amazing product. After a while there is a Chinese company which begins to copy the same product under different name, but still a lookalike.


Sorry, that company value the product being reproduced. Of course price is much cheaper, they don't have to get back the money invested.

The quality is a secondary question. Does it look same? When it does, it's going to be good to peasants. Not just the original company is being robbed, you are being scammed as well.

This is happening to SAB Heli Division apparently, that's why they just published the following message on their Facebook page:

Dear Friends,
First of all, we want to thank you for your support for SAB and the Goblin Helicopters. We are not used to writing this kind of official message, but by reading some of the posts in the forums, we think it is time to clear up the confusion in regards to the SAB clone and its impact on SAB overall.
Like many companies, such as Apple, Lego, Disney or even DJI, SAB is a victim of intellectual property theft. Not only were the ideas stolen, cheaply remade, it had a tremendous impact on both our reputation and our business regionally in the greater China area and worldwide. 
Here is the fact: the Chinese company has cloned the SAB Goblin products and SAB and its affiliates have absolutely no part of this. The cloner is an outlaw and has a serious and vicious track record of cloning other RC brands like Align, Scorpion, Mikado and MKS. The only reason that they remain as an outlaw and SAB has not been able to do much is due to the recognition of international patent and the patent registration process in China. Moreover, like all legal matters, it can get lengthy and complicated. In the meantime, however, with the help of our supporters in the Chinese region and around the world, we, like with other clone victims, are slowly getting recognized for our ideas and projects.
Due to the sensitivity of the matter, we cannot disclose much more at this time. However, we would like to assure you that that a number of things have been set in motion with our legal advisors on this matter. It is our intention to put a stop to this.
SAB is investing many resources in events, team pilots and team projects to give the best solution on the field and the best solutions for helicopters. Our motto is “BE ORIGINAL”
Every time we go to events and see all the happy supporters, it is very emotional for us. We are proud of what we have done.
We hope you will take a look at the difference between a company that CREATES versus one that just copies. 
Thank you very much!

Please think before you buy a clone!

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