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19 July 2018

Heliwood sponsor: Area-51RC
Team SAB Goblin demo at Heliwood

Area-51RC will be another sponsor of Heliwood in Hungary. Team SAB Goblin will be flying at the event, and they will show how these beautiful SAB Goblin Black Thunders can fly by expert pilots.

Heliwood sponsor: Area-51RC

Two professional pilots of Team SAB Goblin, Dave Dijkmans and Carlos Rossi Valles from Spain will present the capabilities of SAB Goblin Black Thunder helicopters.

They were flying at White Horse Fun Fly last time, and at Helifest UK a month earlier. Here is their video about Helifest, the people in Hungary can expect a similar show:


If you wish to attend Heliwood, still not too late to manage it.

The official event page: