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16 July 2018

XLPower Specter series
Helicopters of the year

Probably it's not an exaggeration to declare: this is the year of XLPower. The company came, saw and conquered. It came from nowhere, just exploded in our world with these helicopters and defeats all big brands. Or it takes a big slice of the RC helicopters' cake at least. But why and how?

XLPower Specter series

Obviously XLPower makes it seriously as a marketing, as a communication. But the secret has to be different. Just the marketing would not be enough, even if we accept the famous quote of Bill Gates (former CEO of Microsoft):

If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.

Well, this is not enough in RC helicopter business. If your good looking product is not good, people will not buy it anymore in a really short time, and you can close your business down. And you have a handicap if you make your business in China. The rest of the world still think that Chinese product means poor quality. Therefore your product has to be even better.

We must change the way of thinking when we are talking about these Chinese helicopters. They are not clones, the are well designed, perfectly dreamed helicopters with many tiny things making them good. Everything is designed for purposes, just a tiny bit is for eye-candy. It's true, there are nicer helis - depending your opinion. But when we have to talk about performance and capability, the personal opinion is not important anymore, just the pure facts count. And this is the point where Specter helicopters are really strong. They can be compared with any other helicopters and they still in the race. The true limit is not in the helicopter, the true limit is in your hands and your brain, the heli does what it supposed to do.


All right, they are good helicopters, but what else was required? There are many others, which are also good. There are two other key points: the pricing of kits and spare parts and the maintenance free construction as well.

If you have assembled the kit properly, you have chosen appropriate accessories, it just flies. No silly problems, it doesn't fall apart in the air, even more: it's designed for hard 3D, extraordinary forces. And if you crash, it's not a financial disaster to repair it. The pricing makes it a middle class helicopter, and it is a popular brand now. I have no doubt, these helis are among the best choices for practicing and learning. Even some lighter crashes don't damage the helicopter too much. And if so, the spare parts still cheap.

And of course the presence everywhere. XLPower doesn't hold a blurry mystery up around their helicopters, they are shown in action by good pilots at all events. This is the secret as XLPower does it.