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16 July 2018

White Horse Fun Fly 2018
Flying for fun

Last weekend was full of programs for RC helicopter fanatics. One was the White Horse Fun Fly in Westbury, where more than hundred people gathered together to make the weekend amazing. It was a very friendly party for little ones and grown ups.

White Horse Fun Fly 2018
White Horse Fun Fly / click for more pictures

It was good to see the youngest generation. There were two big surprises. One was Mr. Kyle Dahl flying there.

But probably the most interesting next to George Isaacs continous improvements, the little Australian Rhys Wyatt with his 9 year all together and his flying knowledge. He is shockingly good and I have no doubt he is going to be among the masters in few years time. To be honest he has a really good chance to win any national championships already. 

If you don't know him, when he is walking to the start place with his giant 700 size heli, you expect some hovering, probably few flips, might be a stalling turn, loops or some basic manoeuvres. But the heli is just spinning up, then shooting up to the air making the first death spiral followed by stationery chaos then funnel figure 8, pirouetting funnels, piro tic-tocs, smacking down and so on. I tried to wink or close my eyes just for a tenth of second, but I couldn't. I was there trying to find words, saying something smart, but the show made by this little lad, Rhys just blocked me, and I didn't understand that I've seen there, it was the reality itself. Unbelievable. He began to fly, when he was 4. Now he is 9 and he can fly as any master pilots. I tried to find at least one tiny mistake, a save or something, but it wasn't possible.

Everyone put the maximum effort in the flights, like at a competition, but without the stress. Even the less experienced or trained pilots like myself could fly there like Saturday afternoon in the club. Probably this freedom made the event that good.

The raffle was one of the inportant parts of this event. Thanks to the sponsors (among other Align-TRex Models, Midland Helicopters, Area51-rc) there were many prizes and many of the pilots and visitors purchased even more tickets.


We could close a fantastic weekend finally. Next year if you can, don't miss it (again). 

White Horse Fun Fly 2018