Ryan Henson
15 July 2018

F3N competition in Cuffley
Next round of F3N GBR

This weekend was really busy for RC helicopter fanatics in UK. It was hard to decide where to go, because at least two major events were held in the country. One of these was in Cuffley near to London.

F3N competition in Cuffley

The competition was held in a lovely weather even clouds weren't on the sky to often. A bit more breeze could be better, but let's not complain, especially in a country where the weather can change very quickly from beautiful to terrible. 

The competition had a really strong team: Aaron Cole, Callum Henson, Dave Fisher, Duncan Osbourn, Ethan Williams, Rachel Plant. They were flying set manoeuvres, freestyle and fly to music.

The final order in combine result:

  1. Duncan Osbourn
  2. Aaron Cole
  3. Dave Fisher
  4. Callum Henson
  5. Ethan Williams

and Rachel Plant was the first in Sport category.

There was a real battle between Dave Fisher and Callum Henson and of course the rest of the team was flying hard as well. But finaly all of them are fighting at the Nationals now. Well done everyone!

F3N competition in Cuffley