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20 June 2018

Valerio Bottero joins to XLPower
He attends Swiss Heli Challenge as XLPower pilot

Ra Kabun CEO just confirmed on Facebook, the new XLPower team member, Valerio Bottero attends Swiss Heli Challenge this weekend. The agreement made on 4th June when Valerio joined to XLPower Team. Valerio was born in Cueno, North-Italy. He is flying XLPower Specter 700 already. He will be the 8th member of XLPower team and he is the first Italian there.

Valerio Bottero joins to XLPower

The young, talented Italian pilot will be 19 year old in September. He began the hobby as a child. Valerio won 3D Cup 2013 in France in Advanced Category. Since then he has collected many other results. His most important achievement was the 6th place on Global 3D in 2016. He also participated Heli Masters, 3DX Italy, 3D Cup World Edition. Valerio is a fanatic NeXT simulator user doing his videos. As he told us, he is working on his Specter 700 configuration actually.