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20 June 2018

Scott Mayo member of Align-TRex Models Team
Just announced

One more team change last night: Scott Mayo, the talented 15-year-old heli pilot from Harrow joined to Aling-TRex Models Team. Scott is the second new member of Align-TRex Models Team in the last 7 days - but he deserves it indeed.

Scott Mayo member of Align-TRex Models Team

Scott Mayo was about 6 when he has got the first lesson from Darren Hardy. Then he didn't take the flying too seriously - understandably: this cannot be expected in that age - in the following years, but he was improving continously. As he told us, he has been on simulator only  - barely as he said - for two year. 

About two years ago, he decided to change, and forced himself to move forward and to fly on the edge, putting the maximum effort in. The results didn't go away: his first competition was the Scottish Heli Nationals recently, where he finished at the 1st place promptly in F3C Sportman category, which is extremely big achievement conidering the fact, he hovered with a T-Rex 700 first time ever two years ago exactly.

His favourite model is Align T-Rex 700X. Scott prefers JR transmitters what he use since the beginning. His first transmitter (a JR 3810) made him loyal to the brand. He just moved from 11x Zero to an XG14.