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13 June 2018

Nick Maxwell stays with Futaba
Exciting changes promised

Nick Maxwell - champion of 3D Masters 2010 in Master category - declared his loyalty to Futaba. As he posted on Facebook Futaba will return stonger and more accesible very soon.

Nick Maxwell stays with Futaba
Nick Maxwell

It seems Nick is fed up of continous announcements by other pilots leaving old and really reliable brands like Futaba. And it is a fact, few years ago at least half of the famous and known pilots were using Futaba transmitters, later on many changed for JR and Spektrum and now - as it seems - pilots are moving to Mikado VControl. However Nick works with Futaba therefore it's obvious this is not just an emotional post, but it may covers more information.

As he posted:

HUGE thank you to all of our awesome customers and to the Futaba Team for their patience with us while we assemble this... without all of you, Futaba would be nothing and we are taking every step possible to make your future experiences with Futaba the best yet.