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13 June 2018

Dunkan Bossion switches to VBar and VControl
VTeam sponsors him

Mikado USA announced Dunkan's joining on facebook. Dunkan is using VControl and VBar Neo for 2 months now and he doesn't regret this change so far.

Dunkan Bossion switches to VBar and VControl

As he posted on facebook: it's not declared, other products are worse than these. He just likes how they operate together, how the helicopter feels to fly with VBar Neo. He still recognise other products like BeastX or Axon, but he prefers this integrity between them aparently.

He didn't forget to appreciate the help of Ralf Buxnowitz from Mikado, Kyle Dahl assistance in setups and - finally but not last -  Coline, his girlfrend's support for taking nice pictures about him. So kind...