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10 June 2018

Helifest UK 2018
5 days to go

Only 5 days and it's happening again: Helifest UK 2018 in Weston Park Model Airshow. This weekend has been good for the last training flights, so now we need to hope only, the next weekend will be similar to this one.

Helifest UK 2018
Selection from previous years

As windguru.cz forecasts the next weekend, it can be better, just it should not be worse. Friday will be amazing. Almost sunny, some clouds expected in the afternoon only. There will not be any winds. The maximum is 7 knots, later on might be 8, which is basically deadly calm. Saturday is a bit worse, but still good: it will be cloudy in the morning, mostly with high clouds, which means the sky is going to be grey with no contrasts and not ideal lighting conditions for flights, but no serious rain is forecasted at the moment. Light shower expected in the evening only. 

Sunday morning will be bright and partly sunny, however some showers expected in the early afternoon. Temperature will be average, around 20°C all day long. The entire weekend is maximum breezy by the actual forecasts.

Two years ago in 2016 the weather was cold, dark, grey and everything but nice. Last year it was much better, if this year will be at least the same as last time, we will have no reasons to complain about the weather.

What to expect?

Many programs of course, next to helicopters, the Weston Park Model Air Show is the home of all flying formats, plus boats and cars. Many retailers, clubs will attend the show as well. We asked more of them about their sales and promotions on the scene, but no reply arrived so far.

Helifest UK and Weston Park Model Air Show 2016

As we know the list of attending pilots: Rachel Plant, Raquel Bellot, Simone Zunterer, Duncan Osbourn will be there and almost everyone who counts known. We still wait the full list from Helifest UK crew - when we receive it, it will be published.

One of the most exciting facts: Nik Johnson is the commentator and everyone likes his voice.

On Saturday and Sunday we plan to report from the scene with live videos, photos. If you can't come but you want to follow the event subscribe on our channels to stay informed. 

If you come, here is the map for the event:

Bing Map: { coordinates = 52.692870, -2.288012, pinTitle = Weston Park, pinSubTitle = , infoBoxTitle = Helifest UK 2018, infoBoxDescription = Weston-under-Lizard, Shifnal TF11 8LE, zoomLevel = }

 And we will see you there.

Helifest UK 2018