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09 June 2018

Bert Kammerer & Kyle Stacy - Podcast
If you missed it

The live show is over for tonight. It was wuite interesting, and as it was seen, they were also surprised, how many people asked how many questions. There were many of us from UK, and some known pilots joined, like Andrew Lachs ("might be just because of his duty") and Simone Zunterer.

Bert Kammerer & Kyle Stacy - Podcast

There were numerous of interesting question, it's impossible to go through all. But the more important ones:

Is it required to lubricate the metal main gear of Goblin?

Yes, it is - which is logical considering that metal frictions on metal, and there is no good outcome usually without lubrication. Such material has to be used, which can stick there even with the higher spinning. WD40 is not that good, when it is used, surfaces have to be sprayed over after every other starts.

How is it possible to ballance between work and the hobby?

As Kyle thinks: not easy. Rushing to home from work, charging some batteries, then practicing at the end of the garden, waching out the trees, and this is not an easy task - for them either. It's true actually, they are in better situation from certain points of view, the gardens sizes countryside in U.S. are not the same as in Europe, especially in United Kingdom (it's impossible to turn back even with a bycicle, not to fly).

How can they imagine the hobbin in 20-30 years time?

Bert haven't pictured a good vision. It's true, technology improves, but there are few joiners, however more people give on the hobby. He thinks, solutions can be demos, promotion events and involving youngsters to the hobby. 

Bert added on: we must talk about it. When he talks to 100 people about this hobby, 5-10 will begin to do it.

How to adjust belt tension on Goblin helis?

Nohow by brute force - Kyle and Bert agreed. The solution is to do it side-by-side. Tightening on one side, then to strain on the other and vice versa.

How important the CG?

To qoute Bert Kammerer:

Important, May be the most important.

They didn't sophisticate it to much, I wouldn't do either.

Is there any future of nitro?

As Bert things, it's unlikely. The reason is that the price of the fuel is high - it seems, life is not that easy over there either (that's about the american dream). He heard about countries, where one gallon costs up to 80 dollars.

It was a really informative session with quite good questions in great mood. The video of podcast will be available by Wednesday, what we will publish as well.