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04 June 2018

New UAV regulations in UK
entering into force by 30th July

As probably all of us aware dozens of regulation are being introduced across Europe. And variations of quality are even more complicated. Which is legal in one country entirely illegal in others. Thanks to drone industry this is happening now involving us as RC pilots.

New UAV regulations in UK
Source: railtechnologymagazine.com

Brexit happens or not happens (most likely it does) these regulations are going to be centralised by EU including UK anyway. EU drone bill is approved in Brussels, therefore the next step is happening in member states now.

The first part is entering in force by end of July. Fortunately most of us - aka RC helicopter pilots - won't be effected too much by these changes. The most important change is the altitude limit, which was a strong recommendation so far, it's going to be forced by the law in the future. No UAVs allowed to fly above 400 feet (~120 m) except by valid exemption of CAA. We are not affected at all by registration, special rules below 7 kg actually, however this will change.

What else is in force by July.

All UAV operators are asked to use mobile or online applications to make sure that none of UAVs fly in forbidden or restricted airspaces, even if it is a temporary one like Royal Low Level Corridor (RLLC).

Obviously UAVs not allowed to fly within 1 km (0.6 mile) of any airport, aerodrome, airfield boundaries unless CAA exemptions. Users breaking these rules can face unlimited fines or up to 5 years behind the bars. Police and other authorities are given much more power to enforce these regulations.

Furthers break in by autumn next year

All pilots flying heavier than 250g aircraft must register with CAA and pass an online competency test by 30th November 2019. To fail them can result an eye watering £1000 fine. Further details coming soon.

Not to forget, local restrictions and bylaws still apply.

Detailed information is available on the website of Department for Transport