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02 June 2018

Mikado VBar VControl Touch
Arrives in June - in different colours

Next generation of transmitters arrives in June by Mikado VBar VControl Touch. This is the future, Mikado promises. There are dozens of reason why it can be true. There's no doubt it is a revolutionary approach how to think about transmitters.

Mikado VBar VControl Touch

No, not the touch screen is the key point, this is just because concurent companies - like Futaba - installs touch screens for ages in higher category transmitters. The key is the integration ESC - flight control - transmitter all together. And much more. 

By this transmitter you will no longer need to use tablet or laptop on the field to tweak your settings, adjust parameters, because everything you need is in your hand, sits in this transmitter. Many other tricky feachures are also integrated like real WiFi connection or the automatic power on function to keep the transmitter awake as long as the bound model is on.

Main design follows the previous VControl shapes, it has to be a comfortable, ideal transmitter. Yes, the price is high (really high), but considering the know-how integrated to this system it gets much cheaper in our minds. Just think of a good tablet computer. And basically you hold a tablet in your hands which is supposed to control a model aircraft, a helicopter apparently.

We could make it more sophisticated, but the feature list provided by Mikado is more than satisfying:

Software Highlights: 

  • Set up, programming and adjusting of VBar controlled model helicopters accomplished directly via VBar Control transmitter
  • No computer, control panel or smartphone necessary
  • Instant access to almost every flight parameter from the transmitter controls, even in flight
  • Readily understandable graphic user interface
  • Easy programming for new models via the VBar setup wizard
  • ESC set up wizard for programming all types of speed controllers
  • ESCs with Vbar Control support can be programmed directly from the radio
  • Up to eight parameteres can be tuned simultaneously using the optional inputs, with adjustable limitation of the respective range of values
  • Bank Switching with three banks (fourth bank; autorotation optional)
  • Real time logging and real time graphic vibration analysis available on display
  • Graphicaal telemetry log analyzer for stored flights (overview, energy consumption, event log) directly readable on the display
  • Create your own screen design directly on the touchscreen display
  • Full Manual available on the radio by means of context sensitive help
  • Easy bind process & model sharing
  • Automatic power on, if an already bound model is switched on
  • Several telemetry functions are available, such as voltages, current, rpm, speed, temperature, and power consumptions of the batteries
  • Multiple timer functions available with warnings and reminders via sound, voice, or vibration output
  • Wireless buddy boxing with two VBar Control radios, fully configurable
  • Interact with your smart phone via WiFi - Music Player, Exchange Photos, Open Websites, display expansion..and more! 
  • Cloud functions under development - Stay tuned for updates
  • Access Mikado's App Store and do over-the-air online updates via WiFi
  • Over-the-air online updates for VBar Neo gyro systems

Hardware Highlights: 

  • Extra bright capacitive 5.8" multi-touch color display, with ambient light sensor to automatically control the brightness 
  • WiFi module connects to your WiFi network at home as well as to your personal hotspot on the go
  • Fast start up time; off to fully operational in three seconds
  • High performance lower power controller for best user experience and long runtimes
  • 80 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS bidirectional flight control, programming/setup and telemetry remote control system
  • Reliable 80 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS bidirectional flight control, programming/ setup and telemetry remote control system.  
  • Unlimited model memory. 
  • Virtually unlimited number of control channels. 
  • High range, low latency, antenna diversity both on transmitter and receiver. 
  • Intelligent antenna monitoring and management. 
  • Fully equipped with four 3-position switches, two 3-position quick-break-switches as well as six rotary inputs (four trim wheels, two rotating knobs), all fully programmable. 
  • Precision gimbals with four ball bearings, fully adjustable. 
  • Collective stick can be equipped with optional throw limiter. 
  • Delicate rubber lining for comfortable, slip-free and safe holding. 
  • Well-balanced with two-point neck-strap attachment, no additional retainer required. 
  • Large 2 Watt loudspeaker for alarms and voice output. 
  • Vibration alarm (adjustable). 
  • Memory accessible as a USB memory stick, no drivers needed. 
  • Built-in Lithium Polymer battery allows for long run times. 
  • Charge through USB connector or built-in charger. 
  • Power supply for fast charging included. *  Online features require a WiFi connection and a device with internet access. Data transfers may cause additional costs, depending on your mobile data plan.

Mikado VBar VControl Touch