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27 May 2018

A journey just starts is now live

This website about RC helicopters, RC helicopter modelling and flying is now available in English. This is a begin of a new journey informing you guys what's happening in this world. Not the first, but we hope it will be a good one. We do everything we can to get informed and forwarding everything valuable to you.

In 2010 we launched our Hungarian It's the same as this new one regarding to its contents, approach and style as well. Aim is also same. However it lives on its own next to the original, but it is going to be different, dedicated to you. Many contents will be available on both sites, others will not. Which are important in UK will not be published there and vice versa. There will be there and here. We don't want to make a mirror translation of, we would like to provide you the same as provided by the sibling site.

Obviously this adventure just starts, and who knows where it goes. We hope it will be a long story telling you as much as possible. But we would like to ask you your help as well. If you want to share your thoughts, contents and so on, do not hesitate, just contact us.

What will be here?

As you can see already: news for example. Then tests, useful information about helicopters, reports, contents to download like manuals, updates, and so on. And we don't forget, nobody started the hobby as professional, everyone had to make the first step somehow. As Ádám "Lamb" Zádori - one of my mentors - told me when I was newbie:

it was brought together by the wind to nobody.

We would like to make these steps easier, that's why we are already working on our beginners' section. What to do and what to not do, how to start the best. 

One more thing: we don't say, this is the only way or that is the one possible way, this is the best or worst. We try to keep it objective and correct. But we are individuals, therefore it will not happen always. But we try.

Well, fasten seat belts then let's take off.

Peter Szabo - pgpetike