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27 May 2018

Align T-Rex 600XN Dominator
Coming soon

Align has announced its next helicopter, the 600XN Dominator. This helicopter of the second nitro era will get to the hands of pilots now and replaces might be the longest produced Align model - the 600N.

Align T-Rex 600XN Dominator
AlignT-Rex 600XN Dominator

Thanks to Align, a lot of information revealed about this helicopter, and it can be seen such things are considered like maintenance, but - of course - its performance was the first during the design process.

Almost everything is redesigned related to the old model for fitting to current expectations, and releasing a helicopter performing maximally. It will be a good alternative of the electric one.

The new Dominator is a sign again, the nitro era is coming back and smoke pulling helicopters have got their spaces next to electric dominance.