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27 May 2018

IMPORTANT: A request and warning
by Bert Kammerer

Bert Kammerer posted the following message on Facebook recently and it's good to be aware. As it reads the fact is sad and infuriating event the RC helicopter hobby is affected by frauds and thefts. And this is not about petty tricks.

IMPORTANT: A request and warning

The original post as it was:

Warning: Please read and share!
For what is worth, we were the target of many fraudulent transactions a couple of months ago, these people stole drivers licenses and credit cards and placed orders on our web site making them look so legit that our fraud detection software didn’t even catch them. The product was shipped and after getting hit with charge backs we lost thousands of dollars.
The worst thing is that some of the kits they “stole” from us are now being sold on eBay. I know this for a fact because of our “SAB USA” tape being on the picture, geographical location of the item and more. We reported this to eBay already, but I doubt they’ll do anything about it. The ironic part is that PayPal, our credit card processor is eBay’s sister company.
Be aware! Don’t buy on eBay unless it is a reputable shop, otherwise you might be buying from a scum bag who stole product from us or any other shop. Help us get rid of these criminals so they don’t keep ripping off companies like ours. Our hobby is slow right now and this type of stuff can do nothing other than contribute to the demise of the few shops that remain in the industry.
Thank you for reading and sharing.

What can we add on? Nobody misses a similar fraud especially now, when it is already difficult to keep up in this industry nowadays. Please be aware!

IMPORTANT: A request and warning

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