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  • Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 IB 023.jpg

    Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 in pictures

    Our second collection from the event provided by Boyice Iceboy. The fantastic weekend is now over for this year, congratulations for the piliots, organisers and everyone. /
    04 December 2022
  • Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 Ib 004.jpg

    Thailand Heli Blowout 2022 - Day 1

    This collection was shot at Thailand Heli Blowout on the day 1 by Boyice Iceboy. Real vibe report from the scene in Bangkok, Thailand. /
    03 December 2022
  • Luca Pescante Align TB70 night test.jpg

    Align TB70 tested by Luca Pescante

    Luca Pescante published this video about the Align TB70 prototype testing in the night. Yes, this model is still in prototype phase, but the abilities are seen yet: this will be an absolute amazing helicopter from Align again, even though the head speed is not crazy. /
    01 December 2022
  • XLpower Specter 700 V2 NME Blackoutmods Gasser v2.jpg

    XLPower Specter 700 V2 NME Gasser

    This is an XLPower Specter 700 V2 Nick Maxwell Edition helicopter with Black Out Mods conversion kit resulting a Gasser (Petrol) helicopter. In this video Devin McClellan is flying the helicopter. /
    30 November 2022
  • Align TB70 test video.JPG

    Testing Align TB70

    This video was published by Align Corporation recently. This is the third test of the brand new Align TB70 helicopter which is seemingly in a very good state towards the final release. /
    29 November 2022
  • BMFA B test with Rachel Plant and Summer Fisher.jpg

    BMFA Achievement Scheme - "B" Test

    This video explains the entire "B" test procedure and all information to know for a successful test. The British Model Flying Association is running an achievement scheme programme for many years to ensure high safety standards in the British model flying community at the competitions and BMFA events. /
    29 November 2022
  • Tareq Alsaadi Goblin Raw 420.jpg

    Crazy: Goblin Raw 420 flying after crash

    Okay - it was pretty much controlled and/or lucky, but still. Tareq presents the SAB Goblin Raw 420 and demonstrates it. Towards the end of the video touches the lawn and crashes. And even though it is able to fly again. /
    25 November 2022
  • Helifest 2022 UK 0620.jpg

    Photos from Helifest 2022

    Helifest, the largest RC helicopter event in the UK, and one of the major RC helicopter events took place last weekend. It started with unusually hot weather calling everyone to the amazing Weston Park. This collection of photos was delivered by Alan Robinson.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    23 June 2022
  • Freestyle Masters 2022 7780.jpg

    Freestyle Masters - photos

    The Freestyle Masters Competition was held on 7-8 May at the BMFA National Centre, Buckminster in the UK. These photos were taken there by Alan Robinson. /
    08 May 2022
  • Szazhalombatta-Halasztelek fun fly YT thumbnail copy.jpg

    Halásztelek-Százhalombatta Fun Fly

    The first RC heli fun fly of 2022 in Hungary was this event. This is a video report from the two day long event with short interviews. /
    03 May 2022
  • Helicopters cant fly straight v2 copy.jpg

    Why helicopters cannot fly straight

    Helicopters cannot fly straight we all know that, but what's the reason, what are the working solutions. This educational video from our workshop tries to explain it to strangers. Maybe you can learn from it. With many full scale helicopters. /
    26 April 2022
  • MVI_0691.MP4.00_00_20_28.Still002.jpg

    What is inside an RC helicopter

    This video is not for us: it presents how an RC helicopter builds up, what components we are using for what purposes. It is an overview to strangers may be interested in this hobby on some day. /
    21 April 2022
  • IMG_0660.JPG

    4+1 Best RC Helicopter Simulators in 2022

    What simulator to use in 2022 to learn flying RC helicopters? Here's our list - and yes, there's a plus one at the end. Watch this video to know, why. Links, info in description, memories in this video. /
    21 April 2022
  • soxos strike 7.1 video thumbnail.jpg

    SoXos Strike 7.1 overview by Yan Müller

    This is a video from Heli-Professional about the SoXos Strike 7.1. It is a 5 minutes long overview performed by Yan Müller, Heli-Professional Team pilot. Clear an informative. And the quality of this video is also great job. /
    03 April 2022
  • DJI Crash thumbnail copy.jpg

    DJI Mavic Mini crashed: How (not) to get it fixed

    Sour story: You think so crashing an RC helicopter is bad? Well crashing a DJI Mavic Mini drone even with minor damages is much worse... /
    02 April 2022
  • Best helis thumbnail copy.jpg

    10 best RC Helicopters for beginners in 2022

    Collection of the 10 best beginner RC helicopter options by our opinion in 2022. Details in the description of this video on Youtube. /
    02 April 2022
  • ManiaX promo video.jpg

    Case study: ManiaX promo video

    Yes, this is a case study and not a real promo video. This was created to test what we can make in few hours when nothing is given. This is what could be created. Details under the video... /
    18 March 2022
  • youtube thumbnail copy.jpg

    RC heli life at Halasztelek

    We created this video about the RC heli community life at Halásztelek, Hungary. This is how the place of Heliwood looks when there's no venue. /
    18 March 2022
  • Nick Maxwell XLPower Nimbus 550 review yt thumbnail.jpg

    Nick Maxwell: XLPower Nimbus 550 overview

    Nick Maxwell recorded this video about the new XLPower Nimbus 550 helicopter. The first half details the helicopter, whilst the second half is a flight with this machine. /
    18 March 2022
  • no vbar thumbnail.jpg

    No VBar test by Jonas Wackershauser

    What happens, when there is no flight stabilisation on the helicopter. Jonas has made a test with a Mikado Logo 690. This video is quite interesting, and it helps to understand why an FBL is a must have. /
    11 March 2022