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31 January 2023

How to complete wiring of Align TB70

It seems Align Corp. identified the most critical and problematic point of TB70 building process. And this is the wiring procedure. To help future customers, the company published a how-to video on YouTube about their ideal recommendation.

Probably it's known the helicopters out there are from the null series, these helicopters are not coming from the production release, these are the first, early models for team pilots, top distributors and promoters. At this stage the user struggles are not known yet, companies like Align can react by the feedbacks of first users. There are companies which manage these feedback as much as possible - like Align - to increase user satisfaction.

This does not mean there is any problem with the product itself or anything else, especially in this situation. In this situation Align just tries to help their customers to understand and manage a process which might cause problems for some.