Horváth, Miklós
08 November 2019

SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSE
With one of the best Hungarian airfields

The Sokoró RC Modellers Non-profit Association (SRCM) is a small team, but they are even more determined. The association was founded in April 2007, it has 45 members today.

SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSE
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Although there are medics, paramedics, mechanics and many others are among the members, their aim is the same: RC modelling, which can be boats, cars, fixed wing or helicopter models.

The airfield of the association is situated on the South end of city of Győr, Hungary, it is far enough from the congested areas, which ensures the smooth flights, and primarily the safety.

A large number of events and training camps are held every year to attract the pilots and attendees. The Jetmodell meeting is a nice tradition now, which is an airplane meeting, it has got "The best event" award of Association of Hungarian Modellers (MMSZ - like AMA or BMFA) in 2018.

The Hungarian F3A Training Camp is also held annually. 2019 is special indeed, because their RC offroad track has been finished, which is already a huge success, and even international contests will be taken in place here as it is planned.

The attend many village days and other events making them even more colourful and unforgettable with their model shows on the ground, on the water, and even in the midair.

The SRCM is not just a simple club, it is even more, a team being together for many-many years, who don't don't flea of the work - when it is required for the public - instead, they all act for the interest of association for free.

SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSE