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04 October 2019

How to build an XLPower Protos 380
With your kids...

Toncsi, Daniel and daddy are assembling the brand new XLPower Protos 380 kit. This video goes through the entire process from the first pulley to the tail blades. We have built the helicopter together presenting that, RC helicopter hobby is not just for adults, even a 9-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy can assemble this amazing Protos 380 with some adult assistance, and this is a good family activity and fun as well.

Switch the subtitles on

Whilst we were building the helicopter, we had to divert from the manual sometimes, because we wanted to assemble the kit first with no accessories (like motor, ESC, servos and so on). The detailed article about the progress is here

As Antonia (Toncsi) asked in the video: comment your name recommendation for the helicopter below the video.

Toncsi names all our helicopters and this has no name yet.

Some examples:

  • her yellow T-Rex 500CF is "Bumble bee"
  • her XLPower 550 is called "Neon"

Also we would like to say thanks to Ra Kabun, Cindy Wong and the whole XLPower team for providing this demonstrator Protos 380.

A big shout out to Egodrift, Vincent Offenbeck and Yutao Zou for the Egodrift Tengu 3220HS/900kV motor into this helicopter.

And ATModels (align-trex.co.uk) quick shipment of the blades and the spare canopy deserves also a big "thank you guys".

And finally but last - hely-shop.co.uk deserves to mention them for the quick parcel and the support provided by the accessories sent us.

Subtitles provided... because half of the dialogues are in Hungarian the other half in English :)