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19 June 2019

Helifest 2019
Friday photos

Friday, the first day of Helifest 2019 wasn't ideal for flying at all. The almost continuous torrential rain has flooded the ground turning everything into a marsh. Just the most determined pilots tried to fly. Therefore the people spent the time mostly in the tents. This album is a collection of photos taken in the afternoon.

Helifest 2019
Photos: Zsuzsanna Bogdán / Click on the picture for more...

This was the first day, when the Tarot 550/600 was displayed yet, Team Mikado prepared for the event with Kyle Dahl, Marik Wiehenstroth and Robin Lipke and they attempted to fly few times.

All tents Egodrift - Tarot, ATModels, Midland Helicopters, Hely-shop and AzurePower got installed and set. And the usual Charity tent opened to supply the most important thing in this weather: hot coffee.

Helifest 2019